Welcome, baseball fans! You’re looking at the newest home for the Three Up, Three Down podcast and blogs. Once a week, we’ll be writing, talking and living baseball for you. Six hardcore fans from six different parts of the country, collaborating on the biggest weekly news and debating the greatest issues of the MLB today.

Each co-host will represent one of the six divisions. We met through the MLB Fan Cave competition, though none of us advanced to the round of 30. No hard feelings, however, as a ton of our friends have made the cut and will find out TODAY if they advance to New York City. #Posivibes all day for them.

And out of the Fan Cave emerged a smart, knowledgeable group of passionate baseball fans. We have joined forces to create the genius that is Three Up, Three Down. So, allow us to introduce ourselves:

NL West – Jeremy Dorn (@jamblinman): Born and raised a true blue Dodger fan, I’m looking forward to Matt Kemp’s inevitable 50/50 season in 2012. Hailing from Northern California, I’m an MLB Featured Columnist for BleacherReport.com and a contributing writer for Lasorda’s Lair on Fansided.com.

NL Central – Kurt Peter (@falconKP): A Milwaukee Brewers fan from, well, Wisconsin. He hasn’t missed a Brewer’s Home Playoff Game since 1982 and is no doubt still mourning the loss of Prince Fielder to that lineup. KP is an Assistant Athletic Director and full-time badass.

NL East – Bryan Mapes (@Mapes4FanCave): The silky smooth voice leading these podcasts is none other than my man, Mapes. A resident of Connecticut who is a big Atlanta Braves fan with a background in radio and party-rockin’.

AL West – Brian Boynton (@RangerfanBrian): Our resident Texan who roots for the Rangers is still recovering from Game 6, so give him a break. Brian is a hard worker, already tabbed at 80 hours per week, but still making time to talk baseball with us and enlighten you lovely folks.

AL Central – Angelo Fileccia (@GODF_TH_R): This dude knows his baseball, especially when it comes to his Detroit Tigers and that big new lefty they signed. We’re looking forward to seeing his power and production this season. Angelo, that is. I guess Prince will be fun to watch too.

AL East – Abby Mollenhauer (@AbbyMollenhauer): Our lone female representative will dazzle you with baseball knowledge and is the saving grace of 3U3D; without her, we are one weird-lookin’ crew. Don’t hate because she’s a Yankee fan – she’s been doing it her whole life!

So now you know! Catch 3U3D every week on iTunes, and right here on our blog. You can also like our Facebook page or follow the podcast on Twitter @3U3D.

The first episode is already up, so take a listen and let us know what you think!

We’ll catch you again soon, baseball fans.

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  1. jamblinman

    Reblogged this on Jam Shots and commented:

    Welp, call it a cop-out if you must. But this is the introductory blog to the Three Up, Three Down podcast that started last night! Be sure to follow everyone on Twitter and to listen to the podcast! The link is below. You can also like us on Facebook! Back to hard-fought, original Jam Shots blogs for me tomorrow. Today, I’m too excited over how well Episode 1 of 3U3D went!

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