Cutting the Terrific Thirty to the Super Six for the MLB Fan Cave

This podcast was brought together through the MLB Fan Cave competiton. We all had the final goal of moving to New York City and watching all 2,430 games over the course of the season.  We were cut along the way and instead are bringing you this podcast.  However, no one knows the top 30 as well as we do as we’ve developed friendships with them over the past month of the contest.  Any of them have a realistic chance to believe they can be heading to the Big Apple.  With the announcement coming this week.  Here’s are the reasons why each of the top 30 can make the Fan Cave, in no particular order:

Dan Dreger is the only Colorado Rockies fan that made the top 50 and top 30.  He has the All-American look, plus the smarts and humor that can help make the Fan Cave entertaining.  He can be the representation for the Rocky Mountain area that seems to get overlooked.  If they want to grow that market, Dreger is the man.

Lovingly known as LG among her fellow contestants, Lindsay Guentzel will make the Fan Cave because she’s a complete package she’s smart, quick-witted, great interviewing skills, and yes we’ll even say she’s pretty attractive.  She probably gets compared to the fellow girls in this contest, but don’t let it fool you.  She can definitely hang with the boys as proved by winning the trivia contest in Arizona.

If you’ve seen anything Ricky Mast has done, you’ll know that he’s just flat out funny.  That’s the #1 reason why he’ll make the Fan Cave.  Can you imagine the two Rickys giving people a Ricky Sandwich on the streets of NYC?  This stuff writes itself.  Mast would be a solid Southern, down-home, fun-loving fan in the Cave.

Amie Matthews is the FUNNIEST girl in this contest.  Hands down.  Not even close.  If they want a female foil for one of the male funny guys, you’re not going to find anyone better.  Plus, there’s the chance for bow ties, finger guns, and fake mustaches in the Fan Cave, who wouldn’t want to see that!

How does Gordon Mack make the Fan Cave?  He has a talent set unlike any other contestant.  You find me another rapper that can balance things on his chin.  You can’t.  Plus might help some finances for Major League Baseball considering that Mack already lives in NYC.

Ben Christensen will find his way to the MLB Fan Cave because he is the definition of the most entertaining fan! From having tattoos for every single MLB team to wearing a penguin suit a-la his look-a-like Brian Wilson, this guy will have you rolling!  Ben also has the coolest display for every single MLB 59Fifty we have ever seen!

Jay Tuohey is one of the funniest people we know!  Jay has the “IT” factor and is always on point. Detroit needs a rep in the Cave for the recent tough times the city’s going through and for the season the Tigers are about to have! As Jay would say, “Put some Motor City in the Fan Cave!”

Megan Washington might look all cute and innocent on the outside but she is one badass chick!  She knows her baseball as well as any girl I’ve ever met and she works in the pro wrestling business, what more do I need to say?!  The Rays would be lucky to score a girl like Megan in the Fan Cave to represent them.

Matthew James did a tremendous job campaigning non-stop time between being named to the Top 50 and continuing on to the Top 30.  From being a man of the people, to appearing in his mahogany smelling, leather-bound book filled library, the man truly is a baseball fan and deserves to represent the Angels in the Fan Cave.

Joseph Meehan or “Joey Ryan” is a beast!  As Fan Cave lore has it, Joey was out of the country during part of his Top 50 campaign and still managed to muscle out Top 30.  Partly because he’s a professional wrestler and is probably the only Top 30 contestant that can intimidate a big leaguer.  Oh and by the way…the guy has over 5,500 Twitter followers!

Kelsey Shea Weinrich is THE girl for the MLB Fan Cave. Her passion for the game is apparent. Kelsey’s submission video caught our eye from day one. She’s got a unique style that will win the support of baseballs fans everywhere. Lastly, did you see her groovy dance moves in the commercial that earned her group in Arizona a win?

Dan Sharp’s time spent on the field is sure to give him insight while dwelling in the MLB Fan Cave. Baseball fans love to be entertained and so do we. Sharp’s ability to capture experiences and talk baseball will make you wanting more from him in the Cave.

Presidential campaigns are risky business. So when we watched Andy Bishop’s MLB FanCave application video we knew there was no holding back for him. Bishop’s enthusiasm and determination to represent baseball would do us all a little good.  Plus, the man wore a jockstrap!

When Nick Straatmann couldn’t afford a ticket to the 2011 World Series he built an eight-foot periscope and stood outside the centerfield fence just so he could watch every minute. Is Straatmann a die-hard baseball fan? We think so. He’s comedic, knowledgeable and would do well in the Cave.  The man has the versatility of Matt Kemp and Kemp says he’s going 50/50!

Josh Descoteaux should be in the Cave simply because he’s a New York Yankees fan. Yankees fans bring something to the plate regardless of approach taken as the team with arguably the biggest fan base.  Descoteaux played one of the famous songs from the movie “The Sandlot” in his application video that’s sure to get every baseball fan ready for the season. Lastly, he can rock just about any type of shades he wants to.

Nick Hamilton, the only representative for the Dodgers in the Top 30, knows his stuff – he writes a mean blog and has a lot of experience with interviews. But perhaps more importantly, he displays solid, confident demeanor on camera and would handle the pressure like a champ.

Ally Williams has all sorts of sports media experience and she knows how to win. If her internship with the San Francisco Giants organization in their Championship year of 2010 doesn’t prove that, we don’t know what does. She busted her tail on the campaign trail the last few weeks and would be an excellent choice in New York.

Brian Pasnik knows how to have fun and has a great, humorous personality on camera, as evidenced by his audition video. Brian is a super passionate Cubs fan and definitely knows what he’s doing on-air. And don’t even tell a Cubs fan he can’t handle the adversity. Brian’s got that on lock!  It’d be the 1st time a Cub won something in a while!

Kyle Thompson put together one of the most entertaining videos of the Top 50. Clearly this Cards fan isn’t shy and would bring a lot of energy to the Cave. He started the A-Booning trend during Spring Training and won the photo contest because of it. That’s a big momentum boost heading into the final countdown here.

Melanie Pellowski, or MelPel, put out a rockin’ audition video full of special effects. She’s funny, clever and has a ridiculous amount of on-air reporting experience with the Red Sox. If she goes to the Cave and you recognize her, it’s probably because you’ve seen her with a mic on TV multiple times before!

Travis Miller has been a dynamo and friend to all 49 other contestants since Day 1.  From a winning smile, that “Rocky” perseverance, and the willingness to get 25+ contestants to send them over 8 minutes of footage to make “St*ff Fan Cave Finalists Say”, he’s done and will do anything to make the experience a memorable one for not just him, but everyone involved.

I can only assume that Steve Sievwright is sitting down right now watching the Brewers Spring Training game on MLB Network amidst tweeting and tiny chatting.  His dry humor, traditional backwards hat, and offbeat questions to John Axford show a dedication to the game and it’s players like none other.  I hope that MLB recognizes that and could definitely find him a role as a nice Cave Dweller.

Christy McGaugh is the complete package.  If any of the Top 50 haven’t had the pleasure of getting a tweet “Favorite” from her, you’re missing out.  She’s very poetic in her writing, humor, and a great time all around.  Christy won’t disappoint in any aspect of the competition. Plus, MLB didn’t have to spend much to get her to AZ as she lives right next door!

Shaun Kippins gets major points for being such a good sport when Troy Tulowitzki Punk’d him in Arizona.  He didn’t miss a beat and was clear-headed enough to keep his cool.  Aside from that, he’s got interviewing experience and is a quiet competitor, yet has that perseverance to make this year’s Fan Cave one of the best.

Dave “For Cave” Barclay has certainly made his tagline known throughout the competition and has the comedic personality to match.  Whether it’s making the rest of the Top 30 laugh down in Arizona or playing a different role in one of his videos online, he’ll bring a fun and interesting angle to the Cave.  We’d love to see a Canadian in the Cave as well.

Who wouldn’t want Ricardo Marquez in the Fan Cave? If a man is willing to take a shot in the “nuts” to do anything he has my vote. Besides there can not be a Ricky Sandwich without one of the Ricky’s. Being a comedian his life is a TV show so MLB would benefit from having him in there.

Eddie Mata is the man for the Fan Cave. He was able to acquire an endorsement from actor Michael Rapaport as well as others. He is also around baseball all the time as a hitting instructor so he may even be able to give the pros some advice. I mean who doesn’t want some advice from EFM.

Little Taylor Hensley made a lot of noise for someone so small when she made the Top 30. Taylor has the prettiest face in the contest and would make for a great billboard behind home plate. Plus she knows her baseball and could bring the Rollie ‘stache back.

The Detroit Tigers made noise when they signed Prince Fielder and the Tigers just so happen to be the team of Brad Jeffers. MLB could make similar noise by putting Brad in the cave. He can literally pitch, hit and catch the ball all on the same play his talents are second to none.

Ashley Chavez is the only blonde female left in the Top 30. She also happens to be a Giants fan who “skipped” work listening to the Giants on the radio in the back office on their road to the 2010 World Series championship. If that type of dedication does not make you believe she deserves to be in the Cave then I don’t want to know you.

Whoomp, there it is.  A reason why everyone will head to New York City to live their dream in the MLB Fan Cave.  The countdown is on for the final decision.  Maybe they’re just waiting to try and find a way to fit everyone in?  Whomever goes to take the bite out of the Big Apple, they know they’ve got the full support of six friends making a podcast at all times.  Good luck to everyone!

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