Dutch Will Stay in Texas

Five years for $28.5 million with two club option years, pushing the contract to seven years. Not a bad day’s work for the Texas Rangers and Derek Holland. Jon Daniels really is a Baseball Jedi mind Ninja.

JD seems to be stockpiling this team with youth and signing them to long term manageable contracts. Every one of Daniels’ young players seem to be studs in the minors and on the major league roster. Look at the top tier of the minors and you will see the Rangers peppered throughout the top 100.

Even though the Rangers will have more money to spend when their TV deal goes into effect after this season, it is still smart to lock him up now. They can now allocate the extra money elsewhere on the team, especially since they have several players due huge pay increases shortly.

Both sides accomplished what they wanted:

  • Rangers have a potential ace locked up through his arbitration years and likely 3 years into his free agency.
  • Derek Holland has the security of knowing he will be paid for at least the next 5 years. Wouldn’t you like that kind of security?

Holland also mentioned today during the press conference that “It’s all about being in Texas.” He has weathered the many trade scenarios involving himself over the past three seasons.

He has been mentioned in trade rumors most of his career including but not limited to James Shields (repeatedly), Matt Garza, and John Danks. Thankfully, for whatever reason, those trades all fell through and we now finally get to see what he can become.

The Texas Rangers have set themselves up nicely for the foreseeable future with this signing. If the club picks up the 2017 option, the Rangers will be paying Yu Darvish and Derek Holland a combined $22 million. YU know YU like the deal now (They just come to me).

Holland’s contract is similar to those of John Lester (5 years, $30 million) and Clay Buchholz (4 years, $30.5 million) when they signed extensions around the same age.

If Holland becomes the player everybody thinks he can and Darvish can become the greatest Japanese pitcher to ever grace MLB, this team is set for some serious long-term success.

The reason I really like this deal is the potential for seeing Chuck Norris throwing out a first pitch to Holland just increased exponentially. Yes, Holland is a big fan of a good Chuck Norris joke. Plus, his nickname is Dutch Oven which carries its own awesomeness.

– Brian Boynton

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