The Fray Invade the MLB Fan Cave

I apologize in advance for a post not really about baseball, BUT it did happen in the MLB Fan Cave.  Internationally acclaimed band The Fray took center stage with the Cave Monster as a backdrop for a intimate performance for a packed crowd in New York City.  The Denver-based band was back on tour after performing at Radio City Music Hall the night before in support of their new album “Scars and Stories.”

The Fray played a four-song set with their two newest singles “Heartbeat” and “Run For Your Life”.  They then went to two fan favorites “You Found Me” and closed with “How to Save A Life.”  My kingdom for them to have played “Over My Head (Cable Car),” which is in my top ten favorite songs ever, but beggars can’t be choosers.

The band embraced the baseball theme.  Isaac Slade, the bands lead singer, admitted to partying a little too hard the night before.  He assured the crowd that he was going to be like Cal Ripken, Jr. and perservere, even dedicating a song to The Iron Man.  He then asked “how many game Ripken had played in a row?”  I’ll give you one guess which baseball nerd yelled TWO THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO with no hesitation.  It was me.  BOOM.

Cave Dweller Ashley Chavez has the full interview with The Fray coming soon on, but in the mean time.  Pictures!

Cave Dweller Ashley Chavez MC’s and introduces The Fray to the stage.

The Fray performing “Heartbeat” from the album “Scars and Stories”.

The Fray performing “You Found Me” from their self-titled album.

Next up in the MLB Fan Cave concert series is Daughtry on Thursday, April 23rd.  Should be another amazing time for everyone on 4th and Broadway.

-Bryan Mapes

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