The Fray Invade the MLB Fan Cave Part Deux

I got a nice tweet from Patrick Ella saying we could use his photos from The Fray performing at the MLB Fan Cave.  I jumped at the chance because A) his pictures are a lot better than mine (what I get for just using my iPhone at all times) B) more pictures the better!  So here are five more fun shots from The Fray’s performance at the MLB Fan Cave.  Thanks to @plipella for letting us use them!  Follow him on Twitter why don’t ya?

Isaac Slade was in a very jovial mood throughout the concert.

 Joe King killin’ it on the guitar.

Nothing like closing out the concert with a round of high fives from cave dweller Ricardo Marquez in his pursuit of setting the Guinness Book of World Records high five record.  The Fray got him four closer to his goal.

Hope you enjoyed some more pictures from the performance!  We’ll be back with baseball blogs later tonight as I’ll have my Sunday edition of “Five Things I Think I Think” and the podcast #7 will be up in next couple of days!

-Bryan Mapes

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