Josh Hamilton’s Home Run Heroics

Texas Rangers superstar Josh Hamilton has been on a tear this entire season leading the American League in all of the Triple Crown categories.  Hamilton’s early season dominance culminated with FOUR home runs against the Baltimore Orioles.  Hamilton added a double to set the American League record for total bases in a game.  None of these home runs were cheap either, just take a look.

Three to center field and another to the opposite field totaling over 1600 feet in home run distance.  However is this more impressive than his 1st round Home Run Derby antics where he dropped 28 bombs in Yankee Stadium?

Sixteen players have had four home run games, but NONE have had 28 home runs in a round of home run derby.  The second-most is 24 set by Bobby Abreu.  Even more ridiculous is that Hamilton didn’t even win the derby that year, Justin Morneau did.     That kind of prodigious power may never be seen again, which begs the question.  What do you think is the more impressive Josh Hamilton feat four homers in a actual game or 28 homers in a round of Home Run Derby?

Let us know!

-Bryan Mapes

One comment

  1. Tyler

    Only 8 players compete in the HR derby once a year. There aren’t nearly as many opportunities for a 28 HR round as there are for a 4 HR game. The pitchers in the HR Derby are also trying to throw home runs. The Oriole’s pitchers were trying to get Hamilton out.

    It is super impressive that Hamilton hit that many HRs in 1 round, but it’s so much more impressive that he could hit 4 in 5 at bats in 1 game.

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