Chowin’ Down: Yankee Stadium Garlic Fries

It has become my new Yankee Stadium tradition to make sure I grab a Carl’s cheesesteak and more importantly some delicious garlic fries.  When I was offered tickets to see David Price and CC Sabathia on Thursday night I was almost as excited for my impending ace food match-up as the ace pitching match-up on the field.  When you think Yankee Stadium you think expensive prices.  The cheesesteak is $10.75, not bad at all when compared to a restaurant cheesesteak.  While the garlic fries are $7.00 for a small and $9.50 for a large and worth every penny.  Cheese added is only 50 cents, sounds like a bargain to me.  I prefer mine with only steak and cheese, but you can add on sauteed onions and mushrooms if you prefer.

It tastes even better than it looks!

The Yankees fan in front of me in line recommended that you put the garlic fries ON the cheesesteak for maximum enjoyment.  I would like to take time to applaud him for his efforts in stadium food excellence.

Now I’ve heard from Giants fans that their garlic fries at AT&T Park are even better than these.  If they can top the ones at Yankee Stadium that will be quite the feat.  The one gripe about Yankee Stadium garlic fries.  You have to wait in TWO lines to get both of these.  Why they aren’t sold together in the same area I have no idea.  I implore Yankees food executives to start selling them in the same booth so fans can get back to watching the game quicker.

What’s your favorite stadium food?  Leave a comment!

-Bryan Mapes


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