The Great Bratbino

“Everything is bigger in Texas….” It holds true rather you’re looking at a High School football stadium or the menu at the Ballpark in Arlington.
I have already polished off the two foot hotdog named in honor of Nelson Cruz: The Boomstick. It seems only fitting that Josh Hamilton should have his own delicacy on the menu as well.

The Great Bratbino is now available for consumption. I will be trying this upon my next trip to the ballpark.

(Photo: Courtesy of the Texas Rangers)

It is very similar to The Boomstick in that it is two feet and weighing in at one pound of meat. (Not including the toppings)

It can be ordered standard with sauerkraut or it can be topped with chili, cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos. Maybe throw them all on their, go all out it doesn’t cost any extra.

The only question I have is: Is it a standard beer bratwurst or does it have some heat to it kinda like Hamilton’s bat.

As soon as I eat this I will update with my experience.

-Brian Boynton

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