Chowin’ Down: Wrigley Field style

Walking into historic Wrigley Field two hours before game time allowed me ample time to check out the Bartman seat (sorry Cubs fans), watch a little BP, and most importantly figure out what’s for lunch.

I asked a gentleman working the Cubs authentic shop what he suggests I try. “We have these new tots,” he said. “Loaded with Cholula hot sauce, mozzarella, and green onions, they’re awesome.” He continued by telling me about a hot dog stand where you can get unique styles of dogs. He said “go for the Heater”. He couldn’t have made two better suggestions.

Lucky for me and anyone else that wishes to indulge in the tots and a dog, they are sold at the same stand. As prescribed, I ordered the Cholula tots and a “Heater”. The heater is your standard hot dog topped with blue cheese coleslaw and buffalo wing sauce. The Cholula covered tots were hands down the best tots I’ve ever had. The surplus about of sauce wasn’t enough to make them overwhelming and the cheese gave them a creamy taste. Add in the chopped green onions for some flavor and crunch and you have a great ballpark snack.

The “Heater” hot dog was exactly what I expected, delicious. Personally I like hot dogs with slaw on them and the blue cheese taste made it a little more unique. Factor in the buffalo wing sauce and you have a tasty dog with some zing.  If you haven’t had a dog with slaw on it before and aren’t afraid to try it, I highly suggest it!

Thanks for reading and if you’ve tried either of these items, please comment below!

Angelo (@GODF_TH_R)


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