Get Your Bobble On: Sid Bream or Vin Scully?

Is there anything better than getting some free stuff on your trip to the ballpark? Arguably, the most popular ballpark giveaway is the bobblehead doll. The bobblehead has become so popular the Miami Marlins even built a shrine to the figurines in their new ballpark.

There will be quite a few new additions to the museum this season, but none will top the “Sid Bream Slide” or the “Vin Scully” bobbleheads. Jeremy and I will plead our case as to why the one representing our favorite team should be the one you splurge on eBay to add to your collection.

The Case for the “Sid Bream Slide” Bobblehead:

Any true Braves fan and any true baseball historian should want to get their hands on this bobblehead on June 9th. This piece is already being hawked on eBay for the lowest price of $55 plus shipping. The bobblehead depicts one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting play in postseason history. Francisco Cabrera, the light-hitting back up catcher steps to the plate and delivers the unlikeliest of clutch hits. Sid Bream rounds third and is heading for home in seemingly slow motion. The throw comes in from future Hall of Famer Barry Bonds as Bream slides past Mark LaValliere’s tag…he’s safe! Just an unbelievable moment as the Braves were going to the World Series for the 2nd straight year after being in dead last place in 1990. The bobblehead perfectly chronicles the slide, even with Randy Marsh giving the safe call. It’s truly a great moment in baseball lore, plus you’re getting THREE bobbleheads not just one! Take a look.

The case for the Vin Scully bobblehead:

I need some redemption after being spanked by Mapes like a misbehaved child in our jersey draft earlier this season. So without further adieu, this is why you must add the Vin Scully bobblehead to your collection: let me do what any good sport does first, and give Mapes props – that triple bobblehead is EPIC. But not only is it not the best moment in postseason history, but it would be ranked behind about ten of Scully’s personal broadcast calls. Look, all I have to say is if you know sports, you know Vin Scully. He is far and away the greatest sports broadcaster in the world, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees. Just listen to the legend announce one game and you’ll agree with me. Scully has been announcing Dodger games for 63 years, the longest tenured play-by-play man for one team in professional sports history. Bream’s slide was a big moment, but there is no bigger off-the-field figure in baseball than Scully. Go grab his crazy, bobbling head at Dodger Stadium on August 30th. And then send me one. Please?

Which bobblehead are you dying to get your hands on? Let us know! Both is acceptable answer in this case!

-Jeremy Dorn (@jamblinman) & Bryan Mapes (@IAmMapes)


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