Vin Scully: Simply the Best

Does anybody in sports have a better head of hair than Vin Scully? When I think about the best head of hair in sports history three names come to mind Vin Scully and the challengers to his greatness are John Madden and Jimmy Johnson.

Jimmy Johnson is an obvious choice because that mane of hair never moved. Plus building a team that won 3 Super Bowls gives him some leniency when his hair didn’t move. No matter what, that mane of hair stayed where it was. Even if he stood outside during a hurricane I don’t think his hair would look bad.

John Madden has the hair of a demigod perfectly pushed to the side and the only thing that has changed about it in the last 50 years is the color. He reminds me of my grandfather which gives him some points but his hair shows his age. With age comes wisdom but this is not about the mans intelligence it is about his hair. I give him credit for not falling into the trap of dying his hair.

Vin Scully though simply has the best head of hair in the business. It is eloquently brushed to the side with a purpose and it looks as good today as it did 50 years ago. The business of sports is about longevity and Scully and his hair have outlasted many other would be challengers. He will go down as one of the best broadcasters in sports history as well as having the best hair ever.

Who do you think has the best hair? Let us know by commenting below.

-Brian Boynton

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