Young The Giant at the MLB Fan Cave

I took another trip down to the MLB Fan Cave in New York City after my brother won VIP tickets on Twitter to see Young the Giant perform.  The concert was a pretty solid turnout for a Monday afternoon.  The band is pretty awesome and you’d never expect that voice to come out of the lead singer Sameer Gadhia.  What was even better is that it’s one of the few bands I’ve seen that actually sounded better live than on a recording.  Here are some scenes from their performance.


Young the Giant performing “Cough Syrup”

Young the Giant Sameer Gadhia rocking out at the MLB Fan Cave

MLB Fan Cave Dweller Ashley Chavez introduces Young the Giant.  She’s always representing the San Francisco Giants.

Young the Giant did a meet and greet after the show.  They are a big fan of the original Adidas shoes.  They also endorse me for the 2013 MLB Fan Cave!

There’s the random music detour.  The MLB Fan Cave is where baseball and pop culture come together, it was great to see another Cave Concert.  Stay tuned for episode #21 of the podcast coming soon!

-Bryan Mapes (@IAmMapes)

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