Chowin Down’: Battle of the Garlic Fries!

Baseball is full of rivalries.  Yankees vs. Red Sox.  Giants vs. Dodgers.  Cardinals vs. Cubs.  Mapes vs. Jeremy.  Alright, maybe not the last one.  An underrated rivalry though is the battle of garlic fries between AT&T Park in San Francisco and Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.  I’ve broken down the deliciousness that is the Yankees version in a previous Chowin’ Down.  I went to San Francisco for the first time this past weekend and had one objective, garlic fries.  After having had both, let’s see if we can see which ballpark has the greater garlic fries.


Yankee Stadium: Small-$7.00, Large-$9.50 and add cheese for $.50

AT&T Park: $7.50, $11.50 with chicken tenders

Advantage: Push

Where Can I Buy Them?

Yankee Stadium: One stand in each section, behind 108, 205 and 331

AT&T Park: Behind sections 103, 118, 130, 311, 323, 331 and in lower center field

Advantage: AT&T Park

Can I Get a Cheesesteak in the Same Place?

Yankee Stadium: No

AT&T Park: Yes

Advantage: AT&T Park, though always make sure you bring a friend to stand in the cheesesteak line while you’re in the garlic fries line

Do They Make Your Mouth Water?

Yankee Stadium

AT&T Park

Oh come on, they both did: Advantage: Push


I can assure you both are near the pinnacle of ballpark delciousness.  Giants fries were crispier, but had a little more olive oil.  Yankees fries were soggier, but the garlic meshed better with the fries.  Advantage: Yankee Stadium, slightly

Final Verdict

Both are awesome choices on either coast.  Rejoice Giants fans, I’m giving your fries the edge just based on the the fact that I can get them in more places in the stadium and I don’t have to wait in line for my 2nd favorite ballpark food, the cheesesteak.
Which garlic fries do you prefer?  Is there another ballpark’s that I need to try?  Let us know in the comments!

-Bryan Mapes (@IAmMapes)


  1. Ryan

    You are actually wrong. There are garlic fries on multiple levels of Yankee Stadium. The one on the field level is behind section 108 in right field. On the main level they are located behind section 205 in right field. They are also located on the Terrace/Grandstand level behind section 331 in left field. Get your facts straight.

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