I was lucky enough to be featured for 3U3D on MLBlogs “Meet the Bloggers” while I was at Yankee Stadium. Special thanks to Mark Newman and Matt Latimer for helping with the great opportunity! Hope you enjoy!

-Bryan Mapes (@IAmMapes)

MLB.com Blogs Central

When the Yankees-Orioles American League Division Series shifted to The Bronx for Game 3, we caught up with Braves fan Bryan Mapes to showcase his 3 Up, 3 Down blog as the latest subject of our new Meet the Bloggers MLB.com video series. I’ve spent much of this season over at our MLB Fan Cave, and I know that Bryan, as one of the original Fan Cave applicants who submitted a video last winter, has not only continued to interact with friends he made among the nine Cave Dwellers, but also has been going strong with a blog that shows a lot of versatility from multiple contributors. It features good podcasts and voices from different perspectives and regions around the Majors. We’re glad to have them in the MLB.com/blogs community and here’s our conversation in a rare quiet place at Yankee Stadium:

Many of you have asked to be…

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  1. Mateo Fischer

    Congratulations, Bryan, on being featured. Also, thanks for the shout-out. Prior to the interview, I had no clue how 3U3D came into existence. I have a whole new level of appreciation (if that’s the right word) for the blog. In that you guys coming together as a result of the MLB Fan Cave contest makes it so much more awesome, and even though it probably shouldn’t have, it gives the blog a sense of “credibility”. I don’t know why, but knowing that all of you guys tried-out for the Fan Cave and aren’t *completely* random people adds a je ne se qua to the equation that makes me love the whole idea of the blog. (Perhaps including this in the blog’s description up top?) I have a feeling I had more things to add on to this comment. But whatever they were, I forgot them while I was filming a video of my own. In any case, nice job and thank you again; I truly am honored.

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