Beard-Off: Duck Dynasty vs. MLB

Take a screenshot of Major League Baseball and you might think one of two things: They are either hockey players in the playoffs or that a few members from the cast of Duck Dynasty are playing for a few teams.

Watching a few baseball games the last few days and seeing some awesome facial hair, and the fact that Duck Dynasty is in the midst of a new season I got kind of curious: Who has the better beards: Jayson Werth and Josh Reddick or the cast of Duck Dynasty?

The case for Werth and Reddick: 

Both Jayson Werth and Josh Reddick play in the outfield for the respective teams (Nationals and A’s). The beards could actually slow them down when tracking fly balls but they could also help them at the plate. These guys OBP (On-Base Percentage) could be insanely high if they are awarded first base when their beards get hit by a pitch. Now Werth is the original bearded beast and Reddick is currently in the middle of a “beard-off” challenge he accepted from professional wrestler, Daniel Bryan. Werth’s beard is the stuff of legends earning him numerous nicknames amongst his fans, the best is probably “Wolf Man”. Reddick is so committed to his beard challenge, he has to grow it out until the end of year, that he has instructed his teammates that if he ever thinks about shaving it off, for any reason, they are to talk him out of it.


Jayson Werth


Josh Reddick

The case for Duck Dynasty:

Many of these guys have been growing their beards for years and have no intention or desire to shave them off. Some of them, like Phil, are best known for their beards and would be completely unrecognizable even to their own families without them. When there is a new season of Duck Dynasty the slogan is naturally “The Beards are Back”. They are hunters and need to keep their faces warm and facial hair is the best way to achieve that. Their beards do not in any way affect their ability to perform their jobs nor do they hinder them in any way.


In a unanimous 3U3D poll we decided that the cast of Duck Dynasty have the best beards. It is not however a knock on Werth and Reddick but the fact that the cast of Duck Dynasty is best known for their beards and they have quite the advantage in terms of time of growth.

-Brian Boynton (gingabeard_man)

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