3u3d Power Rankings: April 15th, 2013

Welcome to the first installation of the 3u3d cumulative MLB Power Rankings! We figured ranking teams on their first three or four games last week was a little bit premature. But you can re-visit these rankings every week to see how they shape and evolve as the season progresses.

Below, you will find all five of our individual rankings, as well as the overall tally which will represent the official 3u3d power rankings. We have taken into account the early season performance of these teams, as well as how good–regardless of current record–we think they are. Please post your comments below and vote in the poll!

If you want to see our “literal power rankings” (HR leaders by team) for week one, check out this link here.

2013 Rankings Week 1

– Jeremy Dorn (@Jamblinman)/Angelo Fileccia (@GODF_TH_R)/Bryan Mapes (@IAmMapes)/Kurt Peter (@FalconKP)/Brian Boynton (@GingaBeard_Man)

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