Los Angeles Kings to Wear Dodgers Warm-ups

I love when teams from the same city root for each other.  Seeing tweets from the Orioles congratulating the Ravens on winning the Super Bowl or the Warriors and 49ers giving props to the Giants for winning the World Series is always fun.  The Los Angeles Kings are taking the same-city love to the next level as they’ll wear these jerseys for warm-ups this Thursday.  (Via Dodgers Twitter)

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 12.48.54 AMThat’s pretty awesome.  Interesting that it’s the Kings and not the Lakers, that have Magic Johnson connections, wearing the warm-ups.  The Kings and Dodgers have teamed up many times, with each having “Pride Nights” in support of each other during their seasons since 2011.  For those that are wondering, here’s the list of places that have an MLB and NHL team that this could work with.

New York City: Mets and Islanders or Yankees and Rangers

Pittsburgh: Pirates and Penguins

Washington D.C.: Nationals and Capitals

Boston: Red Sox and Bruins

Toronto: Blue Jays and Maple Leafs

Philadelphia: Phillies and Flyers

Tampa Bay: Rays and Lightning

Miami: Marlins and Panthers

Chicago: Cubs or White Sox and Blackhawks

Anaheim: Angels and Ducks

St. Louis: Cardinals and Blues

Minnesota: Twins and Wild

Detroit: Tigers and Red Wings (same owner too!)

Arizona/Phoenix: Diamondbacks and Coyotes

Colorado: Rockies and Avalanche

Plus, don’t forget the Atlanta Braves and Thrashers!  Wait a minute…..

Seriously though, it might be a new marketing strategy for cities with multiple teams to cross logos on other sports jerseys.

-Bryan Mapes (@IAmMapes)

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