Gallardo’s ERA Not The Only High Statistic – Brewer’s Ace Arrested With DUI

Milwaukee Brewers’ ace Yovani Gallardo was cited for the first DUI of the 2013 Major League season last night when he blew a 0.22 BAC while driving on Interstate 94 in Milwaukee. Gallardo was pulled over around 2:20 AM with reports that he was swerving out of his lane and driving slowly.


In the state of Wisconsin, drunk driving warrants yourself a $300 ticket and extra fines based on the driver’s Blood Alcohol level.  The deviation from your lane also can tack on up to $178.80. UPDATE: He will be fined a total of $778.80

This merits a few questions:
Why would a major league pitcher ever not take a cab home if he was over the limit?
Is the Brewers record driving Gallardo to drink?
Why isn’t his ERA the same as his BAC?
But in all seriousness, drunk driving is no joke and baseball players are no exception. It’s against the law and no one should EVER drive drunk. Get yourself a designated driver, a taxi, heck even a limo if you can afford one, but don’t get behind the wheel after too many drinks.

Gallardo is slated to start Thursday against the San Francisco Giants.

UPDATE: The Brewers issued a statement that can be found here.

-Kurt Peter (@FalconKP)

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