Andrelton Simmons is Ridiculous

In a short time, Andrelton Simmons has become the best defensive shortstop in baseball and maybe even better than that, at least according to former teammate Chipper Jones.


That was after this incredible tag on a pick-off of Reds Shin-Soo Choo.

Seriously, he tagged him between the legs!

This caused me to realize we need a definitive blog with all of Simmons’ defensive exploits so far.

From Tuesday, May 7th’s game against the Reds, including a great barehand play that went off of Eric O’ Flaherty.

It can go off Paul Maholm’s glove, it’s alright, Simmons is there.

He has the best arm in the Majors, he can even show it off from the seat of his pants.

Here he shows off the range going deep into foul territory at PNC Park for an amazing grab.

This play is not as easy as he makes it look on Royals Lorenzo Cain.

No prejudice against great plays even in Spring Training.

My favorite play from the 2013 World Baseball Classic, honkbal!

That’s not the only time he’ll go into center field for a diving catch.

There were numerous plays of Simmons charging a slow roller and getting the out, but getting the speedy Juan Pierre is the most impressive.

And from the same game, the diving stop, up the middle.

Simmons makes this short hop look too easy.

Even when Simba makes a mistake and overruns a ball, he’s just doing it to make the play look that much more spectacular.

The play that really started it all against the Orioles all-star Adam Jones.

He can even turn an amazing double play with Dan Uggla.

It hasn’t even been a full season in the Majors and you can put Andrelton Simmons’ highlight reel against anyone in the league. What’s your favorite play? Let us know in the comments!

-Bryan Mapes (@IAmMapes)


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  2. Braves Fan

    The behind his back ball transfer going to his left behind 2nd base in one fluid motion. Didn’t get the out at 1st base but to even think of doing it in the split seconds…truly The Natural when it comes to defense.

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