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Manny Being Manny: The King of Taiwan

Manny TaiwanI don’t know why Manny Ramirez, who is currently trying to revive a crumbled baseball career in Taiwan’s professional league, would ever come back to Major League Baseball.

Forget the fact that none of these MLB teams will take him for any price (well, we can ask the Miami Marlins again in a month if things don’t shape up). Manny has built a kingdom in Taiwan.

We ignored his first Taiwanese home run and the ludicrous call that went with it. We even ignored the hilarity of fans holding up “Manny Ramirez” signs with a completely different Dominican, dread-headed player on it.

But as the case has always been, we can only ignore Manny being Manny for so long. He hit his third home run of the season for the EDA Rhinos, a line drive into the left field bleachers.

Not only were the stands rocking harder than Justin Bieber playing in front of the National Girl Scout Convention, but Manny took a solid 30 seconds to trot around the bases, including a bat flip and backwards walk that would get an obligatory bean ball in one’s next at-bat in America.

I, for one, have always liked Manny, even if I’ve lost respect for him as a ball player. He knows how to have fun and ignite the fans, no matter where he plays. That has never been more evident than the high-fiving, chant-screaming crowds that worship him in Taiwan.

Manny has his face plastered all over advertisements on the league’s website, and might very well be in line to take over the entire country here soon. The pay is minimal and the competition is significantly weaker for him now, but he owns Taiwan.

Manny is the king. And that’s all the guy ever wanted. For his own sake–and ours–Manny should stay put until he hangs up the cleats for good.

– Jeremy Dorn (@Jamblinman)

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Is This the Worst Home Run Call You’ve Ever Heard?


It has to be close, right? We really shouldn’t pick on the Marlins, given their current organizational state. And we hate to rain on Adeiny Hechavarria’s parade (Three run homer and a win on your birthday?? NICE.). But…come on. Guys? Come on.

From the screeching voice begging to “Get it ready!” (of course, in reference to the awful eyesore of a home run structure in centerfield that lights up every time a Marlins player hits one out), to the faux excitement of another meaningless game in south Florida to the admittance that it was their first home run in Marlins Park in their 14th game…it’s just painful.

I may be overreacting, but I have an aversion to blinking lights and strange, fake fish. I think I was haunted by something like that in a nightmare once.

Anyway, whatever happened to “Get up, baby! Get up!” or “You can put it on the boarddddddddddd…YES!”? These young whippersnappers in the Miami booth need to take a lesson from the legends. Or from Taiwan, even. It seems that so far, the Marlins can do no right, even when they win.

– Jeremy Dorn (@Jamblinman)

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“What in the World is Hashtag?” – Vin Scully

Vin Scully“Can I ask you an honest question, between you and me? What in the world is “hashtag?”” – Dodgers announcer Vin Scully.

This golden nugget of greatness occurred before the bottom of the fourth inning began at Petco Park on Wednesday, in a game that the Dodgers would eventually win 4-3 over the Padres.

Scully continues to go on a slightly nonsensical, yet thoroughly enjoyable, ramble about a new DirecTV service called “DogTV. Then, the 85-year-old, smooth-voiced legend concluded with a relevant question: “Does that mean cats can’t watch it?”

Scully’s ability to be at the top of a difficult profession for decades upon decades and master his craft with grace, style, and accuracy is why he will forever be remembered as the greatest announcer who ever lived. The fact that Scully was able to tear viewers’ eyes away from game action to tune in with full attention to his brief tangent and end up just smiling with amusement, is beyond impressive.

He has the charm of a guffawing grandfather, the wit of a very old fox, and the voice of God (sorry,  Morgan Freeman). Go ahead and watch the clip linked below and try not to smile as Scully giggles and gasps his way through a very troubling set of questions for someone who was born when Babe Ruth was still playing (though I’d argue his general knowledge of all this doggone technology us whippersnappers use these days is far superior to most people his age).

And, in fairness, the questions remain–what IS a hashtag? They really don’t make sense, beyond the “trendability” of such things. And though DirecTV’s concept is marvelous, what happens to my poor cat when all he sees on the tube all day is those dumb dogs chasing their tails? I can only imagine.

Take a look at Vin’s hilarious diatribe RIGHT HERE. Is this one of the best announcer moments in recent memory? Tell us in the comments below!

Oh…and for what it’s worth? After Scully’s little speech, #VinScully began trending on Twitter. Naturally.

– Jeremy Dorn (@Jamblinman)

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