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The Fan Every Team Wishes They Had

It’s a rarity these days–a dying breed, if you will. I once spotted a group of them among the left field bleachers at a Cubs-Dodgers game at Wrigley Field; possibly the last herd in existence. But once in a while, you discover an alpha-male in the group:

Of course, the bleacher creatures I’m referring to are just fans who will start a party at a baseball game and moderate peer-pressured beer-chugging contests. It’s an expensive habit, but the tighter alcohol policies have become in MLB stadiums, the more uncommonly these displays appear.

This past Thursday, a Mariners fan may have single-handedly saved the species and officially claimed the title of “Best Fan in Baseball” by catching this foul ball with his cup of beer and then chugging down the rest of the drink in hoppy happiness. Your teamĀ wishes it had a fan this awesome. And you know it.

Good luck living up to this, rest of the world. You just let an Adam Lambert doppleganger out-dude you, and it’s not even close. Mad props, sort-of-emo-Mariners fan. Mad. Props.

– Jeremy Dorn (@Jamblinman)

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3U3D Cracks the MLB Fan Cave Top 50

Last time, we told you that four of the five members of this blog and podcast were trying out again for the MLB Fan Cave. While we were hoping to get all four of us to 4th and Broadway, we did have two of us make the top 52. We would love your support as we continue our dream of representing our teams in New York City.

Bryan Mapes: Atlanta Braves Fan

You can vote for Bryan by going here!

Jeremy Dorn: Los Angeles Dodgers Fan

You can vote for Jeremy by going here!

We’ll have more on our journey as it progresses. I can personally say day one of the top 52 has been a whirlwind for me to say the least. I almost drove off the highway when I found out from my brother that I had made it. I wasn’t able to do anything at work, and having my bar guests vote for me while I worked was so nice of them. I ended up gaining 100 Twitter followers because of the support of the best fans on Twitter: Braves fans! (Sorry Jeremy) I posted two promotional videos that you can watch here and here. Plus, I got retweets from Kris Medlen, Paul Maholm, the Braves, and Adam Greenberg. The latter two even followed me on Twitter. Almost forgot the part where I pulled Troy Tulowitzki and Bruce Sutter game-used memorabilia out of Topps packs on a live video, crazy! Day one has been a blast, and I can’t wait for the next 13 of top 52 voting!

Jeremy woke up to the good news and was running on pure adrenaline all day because of it. He also got a ton of love from the Twitterverse (follow @Jamblinman), and was able to secure what will hopefully be the first of many interviews. He even convinced his fellow interns at San Francisco Magazine to tweet on the Giants-friendly publication on his behalf. Jeremy was in the top 50 last year and remembers well the difficulties, pressures, and sleepless nights involved with campaigning for the top 30 cut. It was a great start to a great campaign, and he hopes to continue the posivibes all the way into New York to represent 3u3d and the Dodgers in the Fan Cave!

Angelo and Brian both put out awesome videos and have our utmost respect. They were great candidates for the MLB Fan Cave as well.

-Bryan Mapes (@IAmMapes)