Don’t Give Up on the Yankees

Here at 3U3D we’re always welcome to fans wanting to get their thoughts out on their team.  There may be no bigger New York Yankees fan than Michael LaPayower. In fact, that’s why he’s called the “Big Yankees Fan.”  LaPayower asked if he could write something about his Yankees after their Opening Day loss to the rival Boston Red Sox.  Here’s what he had to say. 

Hello 3U3D readers,

As we indulge ourselves among my initial blog entry with 3U3D I would like to make formal introductions.  Let us all channel our inner Bob Sheppard voice. Now guest writing, batting lefty, Michael LaPayower aka “BigYankeesFan.”  I’m a native New Yorker and lifelong New York Yankees Fan (32 years and going strong).  I’ve been on the field at New Yankee stadium (Ironically, I still refer going into fifth season as new Yankee Stadium) so far three times in my life and one of those experiences was batting practice, in which I hit several balls deep into the outfield.  So I could honestly say I know the stadium better than your average fan. I’m also known by making obscure Yankees videos, which have been featured at YES Network, Deadspin, Barstool Sports, NESN, Yahoo, and MLB Network.

Now let’s get down to business and discuss the purpose of my blog entry about my 2013 Opening Day experience.  For the third consecutive year, I attended the Yankees home opener.  I enjoy attending a baseball game during an opening series with the main objective of getting to become re-acquainted with the stadium and to explore!  Indiana Jones goes on archaeological dig sites in search of treasures while I search for new concessions, stadium exhibits and points of interest.  Plus, I can experience firsthand what’s new within the stadium. Obviously it’s one thing to read about new attractions, but it’s another to experience them directly.  That’s why I arrive when the gates open, which is typically two, or two and a half hours before the first pitch.  I like to know where everything is, so in case I don’t see what I was looking for during my initial stadium visit, I could always follow up during future visits.  It’s also great cardio walking around each level of the stadium before the game.  Especially if you have intentions of consuming high calorie foods that you wouldn’t eat anywhere else.  Obviously you can’t sample all of the various types of stadium foods during one visit.  Hopefully it’s feasible to attend your home team’s ballpark multiple times during the season.

Now that our stadium exploration advice has commenced, it’s time to discuss the Yankees Opening Day game against the Boston Red Sox.  It was very awkward not seeing Derek Jeter in the lineup.  Obviously, you’re fully aware by now of all of the injuries the Yankees have been plagued with since last year.  The Yankees All-Star injury list includes Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez, Phil Hughes and Michael Pineda.   It was also somewhat sad seeing Mariano Rivera during his last Opening Day since he has announced during spring training that this will be his final season with the New York Yankees.  I’m sure there won’t be any dry eyes during final home game against the Tampa Bay Rays on September 26th, 2013.  Prior to the start of the game, Yankee Stadium held a tribute for the victims of the Newtown shooting massacre that was very touching.  Especially with the tragedy so close to home.

The Yankees and Boston Red Sox have a long rivalry against each other.  At the old Yankee Stadium, you really felt and experienced the rivalry.  I can honestly say the rivalry truly depreciated after the Red Sox have recently won two World Series and the behemoth new Yankee Stadium has spread out the fans.  I truly didn’t think the Yankees would have been so awful yesterday.  I was expecting intense baseball. My wife who accompanied me to the game and barely knows baseball also realized during the game that something wasn’t right with the Yankees offensively and defensively.  CC Sabathia, the starting pitcher for the Yankees, didn’t have his stuff yesterday and his fastball has lost velocity.  Obviously there were control issues as well.  The Red Sox offense got the right hits and walks when needed.  The Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Jon Lester was hitting the strike zone more efficiently and the better team obviously won.

Speaking on behalf of Yankees fans, we must endure this 2013 season how it plays out and still root for the Yankees no matter what or for whoever wears pinstripes.  There will be bad games and there will be good games.  Things can only go so bad for so long but then improve gradually until you forgot how bad things once where.  Just like our current economy. Hopefully both will become much better by the time September rolls around.   Please be sure to also check out my recent Yankees video rant video that we root for the Yankees no matter what.


Michael LaPayower

You can follow Michael on Twitter @BigYankeesFan!  And check out his other YouTube videos here.  Thanks to Michael for sharing his thoughts on the Bronx Bombers, what are yours?  Let us know in the comments!

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