The Fan Every Team Wishes They Had

It’s a rarity these days–a dying breed, if you will. I once spotted a group of them among the left field bleachers at a Cubs-Dodgers game at Wrigley Field; possibly the last herd in existence. But once in a while, you discover an alpha-male in the group:

Of course, the bleacher creatures I’m referring to are just fans who will start a party at a baseball game and moderate peer-pressured beer-chugging contests. It’s an expensive habit, but the tighter alcohol policies have become in MLB stadiums, the more uncommonly these displays appear.

This past Thursday, a Mariners fan may have single-handedly saved the species and officially claimed the title of “Best Fan in Baseball” by catching this foul ball with his cup of beer and then chugging down the rest of the drink in hoppy happiness. Your team wishes it had a fan this awesome. And you know it.

Good luck living up to this, rest of the world. You just let an Adam Lambert doppleganger out-dude you, and it’s not even close. Mad props, sort-of-emo-Mariners fan. Mad. Props.

– Jeremy Dorn (@Jamblinman)

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